Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the tubes last?

The vacuum tubes are designed to last for thousands of hours, but just like a light bulb they can go out. We supply the tubes for $10 each.

Can you connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod directly to the Amp?

You can connect all three through the headphone port. You would need a cable with two RCA plugs on one end and a headphone plug on the other. These cables are available from Radio Shack or high-end cable suppliers.

Do you sell in retail stores?

We currently only sell from our internet web site direct. This enables us to keep the price very low. We have one retail store in South Florida (Hollywood Sound) which is an audiophile two channel store. We compared our amps to products they sell at 10 times our price and it sounded great. The owner was so impressed he asked if he could sell our amps.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

We ship from our Miami, U.S. warehouse all over the world. We charge a flat $40.00 dollar shipping fee for the T-2 by FedEx and $30.00 for the T-1 amp. Both units have a voltage switch from 110 to 240 volts.

Can you connect a Sub-Woofer?

Yes you can and it’s simple. We call it the home run method. Just connect your two main speakers to the back of the amp with speaker wires to the terminals. You do the same thing with the woofer. You run a two left and right wires from the back of the amp to the left and right on the back of the Sub. You will basically have two wires connected to each speaker terminal. The amp will send the low frequencies to the sub and the mid and high’s to the main speakers. It sounds fantastic.

Can you power most speakers?

Yes, both amps have enough power for most speakers on the market today. We recommend a sensitivity of 86db or higher.

Can the Amps be used only for headphones?

The amp was designed as integrated amp for two channel sound from external speakers. The amp also has a great passive pre amp for use with headphones. The amp is designed to always have two external speakers connected. The power amp needs to have resistance or impedance connected to the speaker terminals or the transformers on the power amp will blow. You can buy an impedance simulator which is basically a little wire that connects to the speaker terminals to create impedance. They are cheap and small and connect to the back of the amp.